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A close-up of the stunning Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' - this has to be 'plant of the month' for us in August. Come and visit the Bressingham Gardens this month to see what an impact this plant can have amongst a wider planting scheme. ... See MoreSee Less

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No doubt many people will have had worse storms than we had at Bressingham last week, but we had very strong and gusty winds which blew over a small tree in Adrian's Wood and also pushed this silver birch so it was within reach of the pathway. Nothing else to do but take it down with a chainsaw, which Matt is doing in this picture. The end of a lovely tree - but it's always good to be optimistic and see that it will make room for other good plants. ... See MoreSee Less

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Adrian took this close-up shot of Phlox paniculata 'Blue Paradise' here one early morning. You could almost write a book on the vibrant coloured Phlox in cultivation, but 'Blue Paradise' fascinates because it seems to change colour according to the light. This image is perhaps not blue, but look in our catalogue and that image certainly is! In the garden it may be the best blue showing in the evenings.

We have tried to use 'Blue Paradise' in different situations in the garden; we like to go BOLD with the combinations - golden or variegated Cornus as a background, or next to bright Crocosmia 'Spitfire'/Helenium 'Butter Pat'.

P. paniculata ideally need a reasonably open sunny situation where they won't get too leggy, but will take part shade too - in all cases good drainage needed but not too dry. Don't hesitate to move it to another spot if it doesn't thrive in its first position...

You can purchase from our nursery online at https://www.thebressinghamgardens.com/shop/perennial/phlox-paniculata-blue-paradise/
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It's a good time to consider planting/potting on a conifer that you might have had in a pot for a year or two.

As with many container plants, it's best to pot on into a larger pot (not too large) to enable the plant to re-establish a new root system. It helps to prune back congested roots at the base of the plant before doing so. Since conifers and some other evergreens continue to make new roots well into autumn, the next few weeks will get plants off to a new start. The second image is of a handsaw cutting through some of the soil and roots, allowing younger roots to develop. Pot into tree or shrub compost which has a slow release fertiliser. Make sure the plant is firmed in and compost is all around the plant - water in thoroughly and continue to water as necessary.

If planting in your garden, prepare the site well and plant at the same surface level - mulch with well composted leaves or pine bark and water in thoroughly. Maintain watering through to autumn as necessary.

This can be carried out through to October - as long as you are able to maintain watering, it is fine to plant now.
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