“One of the great gardens in the UK.”

- June 2018

“I never cease to be inspired by these lovely gardens and go home refreshed and with a head full of new ideas!”

- June 2018

“Speechless – absolutely beautiful. We’re from Lancashire – wish we lived nearer as we’d be frequent visitors! Excellent.”

- M&N, nr Blackpool - June 2018

“Long awaited visit to Bressingham. I think the most beautifully planted acres I have ever seen.”

- D. Chesterton, Isle of Wight - June 2018

“So… Beautiful. The combination of colours, forms and structure is breathtaking. Thank you.”

- DiDi - June 2018

“We’ve seen gardens all over Denmark, never been so impressed. This is wonderful.”

- Henning & Dorthe - June 2018

“Every year we say it can’t get any better – but it does!! Simply stunning.” 

- David & Nadina, Norwich - June 2018

“Beautiful, Heaven on Earth, whichever way you look.”

- June 2018

“Just fulfilled a lifelong ambition to see this garden and it was worth the 40 years wait!”

- Sallie, Crowthorne Berks. - June 2018

“Our first visit – absolutely magnificent. Truly impressed!”

- Visitor from Pakenham - June 2018

“Relaxing and restful beautiful place. Could spend a week just sitting and watching.”

- H - June 2018

‘No words can express how beautiful these gardens are!”

- June 2018

“A lovely surprise to turn into this entrance. A stop and stare moment before exploring. Fantastic place which we will visit again with our annual pass. Have bought the book too which we can recommend.”

- Christine & Dominic, June 2018

“Absolutely gorgeous gardens! Even though I’m not really a gardener I can appreciate how much effort it must take to maintain these beautiful plants. Thank you”

- Bennett Family - June 2018

“It all looks very beautiful, just like being in paradise.”

- June 2018

“I liked the fogy botom trail because there are lot’s of lovely flowers here and stuff to collect. Secret: it is the best place.”

- Evan (age 7) - May 2018

“What an orgasmic garden!”

- May 2018

“Best we’ve ever seen – thank you.”

- Visitor from New Zealand, May 2018

“An oasis of beauty and calm.”

- C & R, Retford - May 2018

“I loved to see the gardens on the television but much, much more wonderful in situ. Thank you for a lovely day.”

- Kate, Sheffield - May 2018
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