“Inspirational. Didn’t know you could get so much colour and interest in a garden at this time of year.”

- November 2017

“Wow, wow, wow! The planting and colours are beautiful – love this garden!”

- June & Martin, Lingwood, Norfolk - October 2017

“Absolutely stunning. Breathtaking. I’ve run out of superlatives, on my first visit.”

- Mary, SE London - October 2017

“We’ve been all over the world – but this is one of the most stunningly beautiful places we’ve seen!! Really enjoyed every inch of it!”

- Estelle & Eddie, Romford, Essex - October 2017

“Absolutely spectacular!!! Beyond belief!”

- From Southampton - October 2017

“Beautifully kept gardens and amazing variety of plants, and the colours are stunning. Left with great ideas!”

- The Leakes, Cambridgeshire - October 2017

“A pilgrimage to a garden I have admired from afar for many years. Truly beautiful and exciting.”

- Larry, Canada - October 2017

“The most beautiful garden we have seen. Amazing.”

- Alan & Frances, Southampton - October 2017

“Exceeds all expectations. All gardeners should come here before disappearing into the great island bed in the sky.”

- Margaret - October 2017

“By far the best garden we have been to. Fabulous.”

- H & W, Surrey - October 2017

“Back again, after three weeks. Couldn’t resist bringing our Hampshire friend.” – Joan & Richard

“Fantastic garden!” – ‘The Hampshire Friend’

- October 2017

“Beautiful planting and glorious autumnal colours.”

- Tracy & Isla, North London - October 2017

“Awesome colours, textures and shapes. An inspiration. Mother now wants me to replicate some of this in her garden… thanks!”

- Jane & Hilary - October 2017

“Beautiful – good to the soul.”

- BSE - September 2017

“So beautiful and so peaceful. Perhaps this is how God intended the world to be…”

- Mike, Gloucestershire - September 2017

“I’ve been coming here since 1964 and always find it a beautiful place to visit.”

- J Harris - September 2017

“Absolutely inspiring and truly beautiful. Wonderful to replicate on a smaller scale back home.”

- Robert & Elizabeth, France - September 2017

“So pleased Monty Don introduced us to your wonderful gardens. One of the best garden visits we have ever had, thank you.”

- September 2017

“The most colourful autumn garden we have ever seen. Stunning exhibits and beautifully maintained. Keep up the good work!”

- Nick & Jill, Fareham, Hants - September 2017

“The garden is absolutely amazing … a paradise like I’ve never seen before.”

- Claudia, Germany - September 2017
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