Foggy Bottom at 50!

FB 2016 1024x570

Image above: Foggy Bottom in 2016

Image left: The same vantage point looking towards Adrian & Rosemary’s new house in 1974.

“Unbelievable”, says Adrian Bloom, who is 50 years older than when he put the first plant into the empty meadow, the garden to be called ‘Foggy Bottom’.

Why not join Adrian and the Bressingham team to celebrate on our special weekend? With lectures, refreshments, plant sales and more – visit our event page for more information.

What’s in a name?

Where did the name Foggy Bottom come from? It’s a bit more of a story than you might think! Adrian tells the story in the early chapters of one of his early books;

‘I first came across the name Foggy Bottom when working on a nursery in the USA in 1959 and delivering plants to a small plant centre there close to Washington DC and Langley, Virginia. The name stuck with me until we built our new home, slightly above the low meadow, which draws the mist and fog to it many times a year.’