Autumn Planting

Autumn Woods

Image: View of Adrian’s Wood

Time was when gardeners did more than 50% of planting in the autumn – but that was before the container-grown revolution which started in, where else, but California in the late 1950s. It’s a long story, but once the garden centres and nurseries began to sell plants in pots and containers, they could sell – and gardeners could buy and plant – in generally better spring and early summer weather. Why wouldn’t they? But strong container-grown plants, particularly on lighter and well-drained soils, are still fine to plant in our generally milder autumns.

We plant spring-flowering bulbs in autumn – the best time, and it’s also a good time to plant robust shrubs, conifers and many perennials too.

Adrian Bloom’s Best

In our 17 acres of gardens we have years of experience of growing and assessing plants. Not just perennials and grasses, but shrubs and trees too – particularly in Foggy Bottom, Adrian Bloom’s garden. From Adrian’s more than 50 years of experience, he has selected certain reliable and garden-worthy plants, and we have tagged these as Adrian Bloom’s Best – plants you can rely on.