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Come and enjoy a truly relaxing day learning a new skill, meeting likeminded people and charging up with new energy.
The workshops are hosted in our beautiful, bright, spacious and heated converted barn, especially ideal in the Autumn and Winter months.
See below our next workshops in detail.
We keep adding new and different workshops over the course of the year, so please check this space or subscribe to our Newsletter.

20 March 2022

The Spring Living Wreath

Come and enjoy the truly relaxed atmosphere at the Bressingham Gardens, where time seems to slow down and your senses awaken.

To celebrate the coming of Spring, on Sunday 20th March, we will have a morning walk around the gardens and draw inspiration from nature to then create our very own living Spring Wreath.

Using bright red Cornus branches woven with Hazel and willow branches as a base, we will create pockets of moss into which Spring bulbs will be placed and covered over with delicate budding twigs which will decorate our front doors for a couple of months.

Starts at 10. Includes all materials, garden entry, guided walk, refreshments with home made cake, tea and coffee.

Allow 4 hours.

Cost 55 GBP


26th June 2022

Misummer Flower Crown Party

Join us at 3 pm to create your own Fresh Flower Crown. 

Erica will show you how to turn a bunch of Bressingham Flowers into a daring flower headdress you can wear for the rest of day in celebration of Midsummer.

The Gardens will be exceptionally open after closing time from 5.15 to 9 pm for evening picnics. Why not have your family and friends join you for a party in the garden?

The Creative Foraging Experience

Bookable most days between 20 October to 12 December

Walk with us through our 17 acres of enchanted woods and gardens, forage under informative and inspiring guidance all the materials necessary to make a long lasting wreath starting from the very base. Learn to see the decorative value of wild and grown materials, savor the magic of slowing down, immersing yourself totally in the moment and get creative. Learn to create beauty with what is available in the different seasons, use no foam, plastic, glue and let your creation go back to nature once you decide it is time for a new one.

Choose a date between 20 october and 12 December, preferably around 10 am and bring a friend on this magic, intimate journey of discovery and creation. This is a bespoke experience for private groups – a gentle time for you and your loved ones only. Send us your chosen date with an email to

Cost from 55 GBP per person BOOK NOW

Allow  about 4 hours, come in comfortable shoes to walk on grass and woodland paths, a pair of garden gloves, in case of wet weather bring waterproof clothing but most importantly bring your curiosity and enthusiasm.

You will be provided with all the necessary tools to forage and create your own seasonal wreath, which you will take home with you.

Hot drinks and biscuits will be served during the creative experience.

Just come and relax!

Explore our gardens, unwind and find peace